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Latest Reviews

I am participating in the digital mastery course with Tanya and David. I am so grateful to them for their support and guidance throughout! They customise your learning experience to your business and I am now adding services and products I hadn't considered before. They make you think outside of your little bubble to take your business to the next level with new ideas and business strategies. Their knowledge, experience and passion for small business is outstanding!
If you want to turn your ideas into reality or improve your existing business sign up to attend this course. I am so happy I did!!
Thank you Tanya and David!

Jodi Atfield
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I am currently attending the "Digital Mastery Course". Tanya and David are very dedicated and committed to assisting those wishing to start a small business and have no idea where to start or scratching along the way - that was me! They take you on the complete digital journey and so much more. Their depth of expertise is all shared upfront with the group. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. A chat up front, and you/they will know if this is for you. I am so deeply touched by their personalised genuine desire for me to succeed. Appreciation beyond words to Tanya and Dave - who walk their talk.

Stella Janouris
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My life changed for the better the day I connected with Tanya & Dave. The course content and delivery was exceptional and I will be forever grateful for their ongoing support & guidance. I have learnt so much on so many levels. This is not “just” a digital mastery business course!! The personal mastery & growth mindset components of the course have been truely transformational for my professional and personal relationships. The course helped me dive deep into myself and my dreams and realise my potential. Their positive encouragement and belief in my ability helped me believe in myself and reach for goals I never envisaged could be a possibility.
This has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself in my whole life. They truely are wonderful teachers and people.

Sharmayne Frost
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I have wanted to start my small business for years but never really knew how to start until I found the Virtual Digital Business Mastery course by Tanya and David. I honestly feel so privileged to have come across it - it’s been so informative and motivating! Both Tanya and David have so much knowledge and wisdom they share about business from their many combined years of experience, and they teach it in such a way that is practical and applicable to any small business. Thanks to them, I feel more prepared and business-ready than ever before and feel confident and excited about launching my business. I also have to say they have been so flexible! I have a 10-month-old, so I was a little apprehensive about studying while being a full-time mum, but they are really supportive and understanding of that, which I needed. I couldn’t recommend this course more highly! Thank you so much, Tanya and David!

Simone Hockins
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Excellent content coverage in their Digital Business Mastery course, and beyond that, the delivery was amazing.
I really gained a new perspective on many aspects of running your own business. It was very insightful.
With a diverse range of skills and experience, they complement one another so well and cover all bases.
Tanya and David care for each person's business and take the time to help you understand and apply the teachings to your own business.
I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet them both and learn as much as I have. They’ve been an amazing resource.
To any business owners seeking help, I could not recommend Tanya and David more 😊

Ezra Bax
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Highly recommended - great team. The program was developed very professionally, it helps to better understand the idea of ​​your business, correctly design and show the product that you offer, figure out who and where your potential client is (thanks to Tanya). How to create your own website, how to design and in which social networks it is better to promote. step-by-step instructions are given, which is very helpful even for those who are not very friendly with computer technology (thanks to David). A very individual approach to each person and support throughout the training and beyond. This is very motivating to take action.

Irina Thain
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Your Coaching Team

Tanya Fraser

Tanya’s broad experience within one of Australia’s largest and high-performing Banks, Westpac Banking Corporation, provides you with the financial aptitude, strategic capability, stakeholder influence and confidence to manage successful and profitable businesses.

Tanya was the face of the Ambitious Professionals Market and the Face of Ruby Connection for Westpac Queensland – a community network designed to support, inspire, educate and connect business professionals.

Tanya’s leadership roles included full financial, people, recruitment, legislative and risk responsibilities across Westpac’s multiple retail channels across multiple states.

Tanya founded Kinetic Solutions - Your Potential In Motion Pty Ltd and The School of Entrepreneurship.

David Fraser

David has been a small business owner for over 20 years. Having gained credentials as a Google developer and specialising in AI, he leads all digital and web strategies, from implementation to empowerment, to achieve success in business scaling and digital optimisation.

David’s professional background spans a blend of state and federal government and corporate experience.

In 2005, David’s philanthropic work led to the establishment of The Solution Network Australia Foundation (https://solutions.org.au), a charitable trust developed to complement and empower individuals, groups, families and communities.

The highly successful overseas aid project,​ Living Water, is active in the Philippines, Ethiopia and Indonesia.

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